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Welcome to Lexavant

We invite you to experience the real ease of doing business.

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Become an entrepreneur

We are the supporting pillar to your business. Start, Support, Enhance your business with us. We provide end to end solution for your business.

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Who We Are

We are a Legal-Business-Tech start-up based in India who assist entrepreneurs and businessman set up new ventures in the most economic, facile and viable manner.

At Lexavant, our work can be depicted as a strong building supported by three pillars. We associate these three pillars to Law, Finance, and technology and the building can be your dream project. We will be the edifice to your success.

How we work

We start the work within a week and offer you monthly project reports.
The tactics are the tools or the action items of the plan. They are the means used to gain an objective.
Before implementing your PR strategy, we need to set a realistic deadline for the project.
When implementing your PR plan, we work with various communication channels to fulfill the set goals.
We use various evaluation methods to find out how successful our PR campaign and methods are.
If your campaign requires any changes or additional PR activities, we introduce them at this stage.

Why Choose Us

We are a team of experts. We strive to help.

We help fulfil your dream. If you aspire to start your own start-up, industry or any project, we shall engineer your vision into a reality.
We will keep you legally safe, financially secure and technologically equipped in your business.

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