About Us
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A Few Words About Us

We assist entrepreneurs and businessman set up new ventures.

We are a Legal-Business-Tech start-up based in India who assist entrepreneurs and businessman set up new ventures in the most economic, facile and viable manner. Our work can be depicted as a strong building supported by three pillars. We associate these three pillars to Law, Finance, and technology and the building can be your dream project. We will be the edifice to your success.

Our Mission

Our mission includes something more significant than just providing services and earning money. We wish to be the most reliable and trustworthy platform where a future entrepreneur comes seeking new business opportunities where they experience real ease of doing a business. We thrive to provide all the assistance which is required for this purpose from financial to legal, from legal to technical, all under one roof. We endeavour to offer the most financially viable way to start a business. This is done by offering a complete knowhow for the government policies, various schemes, rules and regulations and loan facilities, etc. for new business ventures. We aim to be that safe-zone where buyers and sellers can come and negotiate, coordinate and buy and sell any movable/ immovable assets without any complications and with few simple steps.

The Lexavant Legal E-journal aims to bring simplicity in understanding the words of law which often remain ignorant to the masses. Through this platform we endeavour to offer insights to the government and our readers various opinions and suggestions to improvise their work outcomes with the help of research papers and articles.

Legal Planning